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We thank our clients for their awesome feedback and support.

Foliage Down South​ (Formerly Foliage Design Systems of Huntsville / Interior Plant Care)


Foliage Design Systems depends on Shama Patel!  She is our social media guru.  There seems to be no problem with our website, email, FaceBook and, Twitter applications that she can not solve.  I appreciate her zest for learning and deepening her understanding of the fast moving world of internet marketing.  You and your business are standing still if you are not accessing this gold mine of a person.

Tannaim  (Author)

When I posted an ad on, looking for a gifted artist, Shama Patel from was one of close to a hundred artists that responded.  What made her stand out from the rest?  It wasn’t just her powerful yet simplistic artistry that caught my attention.  I was impressed with her impeccable communications and how she genuinely was interested in the project I put forth. She was knowledgeable and also had vision that helped me see beyond my initial thoughts of what I had wanted and needed.  Many times as we worked together, she helped me to see the bigger picture.  Through it all she was committed to making sure I was getting what I wanted from her services.  I trust her and her creativity, completely.  What I have come to even more greatly appreciate is her patience and stamina to work with me and see the project through to completion, always positive and uplifting.  I could not have found a better illustrator, all around.  I am looking forward to working with her on more projects in the near future!

Deborah R.  (Art Student)


​By using Shama's drawing techniques anyone can learn to draw, even with no previous drawing experience!  Different shapes and forms are used, allowing for creativity and originality in composing artwork.  The classes are fun and relaxing!

Jeannie N.  (Art Student)


​I have enjoyed creating imaginative artwork with Shama Patel for many years now.  She has a unique teaching style:  we sit across the table from each other and she draws upside-down and backwards so that the picture is right-side up for me.  She does a better job upside down than I can do right side up!  She has several innovative ideas for designing greeting cards as well.  I love her elegant simplicity.

Shermetra P.  (Speech Language Pathologist)


Shama is diligent, patient, professional, and committed to complete customer satisfaction!

Alexander M.  (EZ Notes App Developer)


I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of making acquaintances with a fantastic dear lady friend (and App partner) Miss Shama Patel, who is very committed to my personal vision of helping people achieve “Ultimate Mobility” and Efficiency for their smartphones.  As the developer of EZ Notes, I truly appreciate Miss Patel’s amazing commitment, support, and thirst for knowledge about EZ Notes. I am very grateful for her assistance, as well as the support and kindness coming in for me and my project through her awesome friends and acquaintances who are increasingly learning about the story behind EZ Notes and how we help save tremendous time and resources (Flash Storage Space, CPU, RAM and Battery).  Thank you so much dear Shama!

Elizabeth C.  (Artist)


Shama Patel is the kind of teacher I would have wanted in the few drawing classes I have ever had in my life.  Her lessons are styled so that even a novice like me can learn to draw.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Art Teacher Review

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